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Sack Lloyd Carr / NCAA Tournament Talk / The Duke Fighting Irish
Author Message
# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 14:59 Edited by: Brianthomasbuckeye

Do you guys agree that Duke is the ND of College Basketball? Even when they suck they still get the #1 treatment and are probably going to make the NCAA Tourney with a solid seeding. Do they deserve a bid? I think they should be in the tournament, but look at the overal record [22-10] and the teams they beat and check out the conference play [8-8] WTF????? How are they even ranked??

Better question, how did ND get in a BCS bowl?? I'm still scratching my head. I believe both schools get the same type of "liberal media" bias and it drives me nuts.

Knocked out in the 1st round of the Conference Tourney by NC state???

A 4 game losing streak and then a 3 game losing streak??

Paulas is one of the worst point guards in college basketball!!

I've highlighted the teams that they absolutely should have beat. Take away the gimme games and Duke is 50-50 on the year with a no-show in their own conference tourney. If they get even a 10 seed I'm pitching a fit.

11/12 Columbia W 86-43
11/13 G Southern W 72-48
11/16 UNC Greensboro W 75-48
11/20 Air Force W 71-56

11/21 #17 Marquette L 73-62
11/25 Davidson W 75-47
11/28 Indiana W 54-51
12/02 #23 G'town W 61-52
12/06 Holy Cross W 57-45
12/09 G Mason W 69-53
12/19 Kent St W 79-72
12/21 at #24 Gonzaga W 61-54
12/31 San Jose St W 70-51
01/02 Temple W 73-55

01/06 Va Tech L 69-67
01/10 at Ga Tech L 74-63
01/14 at Miami W 85-63
01/18 W Forest W 62-40
01/20 at NC State W 79-56
01/25 #17 Clemson W 68-66
01/28 BC W 75-61
02/01 at Virginia L 68-66
02/04 Florida St L 68-67
02/07 #5 UNC L 79-73
02/11 at Maryland L 72-60
02/14 at #21 BC W 78-70
02/18 Ga Tech W 71-62
02/22 at Clemson W 71-66
02/25 at St John's W 67-50
02/28 Maryland L 85-77
03/04 at #8 UNC L 86-72
03/08 NC State L 85-80

Maybe I'm being to hard on them, but I really don't like the Dukies this year and they are about as rediculous as Darius Walker "going pro"

# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 15:34

Do you guys agree that Duke is the ND of College Basketball?

100%! I think I even posted something similar not long ago. But, yes...I completely agree!

# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 15:57 Edited by: OHowIHateOhioState

No. Notre Dame is the Notre Dame of college basketball:

Notre Dame: 114th toughest schedule in the nation
Duke: 3rd toughest schedule in the nation

Duke played 16 games against RPI Top50 teams. (5 non-con)
Notre Dame played 8 games against top50 teams. (3 non-con)

Duke has played 11 teams outside of the top100.
Notre Dame has played 11 teams outside of the top200.

Easiest schedules among major conference teams:

114. Notre Dame
110. South Florida
100. Illinois State
96. Rutgers
94. Kansas State

Toughest schedules:
1. Kentucky
2. Arizona
3. Duke
4. Tennessee
5. North Carolina

Some of the teams you boldfaced:
Air Force is 30th in the RPI.
Davidson is 52nd.
Holy Cross is 66th.
Kent St is 85th.
Those teams are hardly gimme wins like some of Notre Dame's:

11/10 IPFW W 92-49 (249th RPI)
11/13 Butler L 71-69
11/14 Lafayette W 92-60 (280th RPI)
11/19 The Citadel W 74-50 (308th RPI)
11/27 Lehigh W 93-87 (241st RPI)
11/29 Win Salem W 90-45 (306th RPI)
12/03 at #19 Maryland W 81-74
12/07 #5 Alabama W 99-85
12/16 Elon W 94-63 (298th RPI)
12/19 Portland W 86-69 (278th RPI)
12/21 Army W 88-47 (218th RPI)
12/28 Rider W 101-51 (202nd RPI)
12/30 Stony Brook W 95-66 (281st RPI)
01/03 Louisville W 78-62
01/06 at G'town L 66-48
01/09 #21 W Virginia W 61-58
01/14 S Hall W 88-76
01/17 at Villanova L 102-87
01/21 S Florida W 82-58
01/23 at St John's L 71-68
01/27 Villanova W 66-63
01/30 at Syracuse W 103-91
02/03 at S Florida L 69-63
02/08 at DePaul L 67-66
02/15 Providence W 81-78
02/18 at Cincy W 76-64
02/20 DePaul W 78-54
02/24 #16 Marquette W 85-73
03/03 at Rutgers W 73-66
03/08 Syracuse W 89-83
03/09 at #9 G'town 7:00 PM

Mike Furley 
# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 15:59

I agree with the comparison to Notre Dame football, but they are a low seed tournament team this year....8 or lower.

Air Force, Indiana, Davidson, Georgetown, and Marquette are all likely tournament teams and they were 4-1 against them. Gonzaga and Kent State are both probably NIT teams this year and they were 2-0 against them.

If they miss the tournament, it will be because of the "last ten games" factor that the committee sometimes uses to debate other bubble teams. 4-6 with a first round conference tournament loss is not good.

# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 16:08

Gonzaga and Kent State are both probably NIT teams this year and they were 2-0 against them.

Gonzaga already has received their automatic bid, and are in the top 50 of the RPI after winning their conference. Kent State is in the semifinals of the MAC tournament and could get in as well.

Buckeye Nation 
# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 19:32

I am no Duke fan, but they have earned their accolades. They have won 7 out of the last 8 ACC tournaments, and 3 titles under Coach K, hard to argue with that.

# Posted: 10 Mar 2007 14:07

Go Maryland! Nice job beating Puke (errr... Duke... ) twice!

Yes, Duke is overrated and gets all the calls, but they do have some big wins, something michigan unfortunately does not.

The deserve to be in the tourney. I consider them the Yankees of college basketball - they deserve to be there only so we can watch them get beat!!!


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