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Sack Lloyd Carr / General Michigan Football Discussion / Who really got this hiring finished ... Ellen
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Jimmy The Greek 
# Posted: 27 Dec 2007 08:02

The little furry friend, Brent, told the production crew the inside skinny on the RR Hire while standing under the Missletoe with Herbie.

"Ellen Degenerate one night rolled over and whispered in Mary Sue's ear that she needed to get this settled because it was too much of a distraction," Brent blurbed.

Ellen went on to say, "You have to do what you do best, Mary Sue, OH, that's it, yea, OH, right there".

Ellen is happy now that Mary Sue is focused and Brent was lit up like last weeks Christmas Tree when he told the story in his new Scarlet and Gray Bunny Slippers.


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