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Sack Lloyd Carr / General Michigan Football Discussion / Em_N_M Says Thanks
Author Message
# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 17:37

Kirk gets the small wiener award for being almost gay looking and a scared lil bad German boy for wishing and almost using a sort of black magic against the wolverines. Hes becoming more and more black and venomous as the years go on. Kirk don't go out a hater dude, were all here to have fun.

You wanna blame anyone for the firing of all of those coaches? Blame Bill Martin.

1. Martin said that Carr wanted and talked of quitting a year ago, Martin talked him out of it. Why didnt he start his search then? The App. St. game should've been the HUGE sign that said danger was imminent. So heres the thing. When you know coaches bring in regime changes much like white house changes that occur when dems and repubs change spots why didn't Martin do the obvious and say how can I save my current staff and or what transition is the easiest on all? He didn't because hes a business man. He simply gave them a years salary. To him thats good, a good deal. but hes knows nothing or cares nothing for blow back. This whole season is a case study for an AD and a head football coach in NOT HOW TO HANDLE IT. Everything blew back in their faces and they know it but they'll never admit and we dont need them to anymore. You know who really knows the truth, the former coaches. Sure they'll publically talk about the "Business" Side but in reality they know that when Miles got away any real chance at them staying put did too.

2. Martin changed QB "U" Forever. Should Mallett leave and Pryor commit we'll lose a great QB and get an untested one. Thats the reality, we dont have any QB then with any experience. Thats why Herbies begging Mallett to leave because he knows they'll be defenseless and even another year away from supplanting his precious bucks. Herbie and his lame black magic suck. But it was Martin by bringing in RichRod that showed even more reasons why he never really even cared or understood what a "Michigan Man" is and or was. You bring in Miles you kill the irony and get your staff to stay, you get to keep the QB "U" moniker and you bring in an alum. I like RichRod but in all seriousness the irony of the hire is so hilarious. If they say,"what should we have done then emnm?" You shouldve come down from your effing ivory tower and done your homework and gotten in earlier with Les instead of waiting for the 11th hour and then stealing the highest bidder Bill.

All in all go blue but im living for the days when Martin goes. Hes a business man not an AD.


New Sherriff In Town 
# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 20:20

Maybe Mallet was considered great out of high school but he has yet proven he can do much. His passing percentage is dismal and he has trouble throwing the ball on target from as close as 20 ft. away. Chad Henne was far better as a freshmen. I hope he stays but I don't consider him great till he can lead the offense down the field which he hasn't shown he can do. The guy has a cannon for an arm but can he hit the target?
I'm ready for the changes. In college football the statue qb doesn't seem to stand a chance unless a school can recruit a 5 star offensive line. USC is about the only school capable of that. Doing the same thing year in and out will produce 8-4 year in year out. Be nice to win something big every ten or so years.

# Posted: 22 Dec 2007 09:33

What are you talking about? Mallett had an impressive freshman year and did a fine job filling in for Henne. Mallett has all the tools to be a great qb and he definitely has the strongest arm of any previous Michigan qb. If we lose Mallett, UM will essentially cease to be, as em'n'm said, "QB U". The era of the rushing qb will be ushered in. Good bye Tom Brady, hello Michael Taylor!

# Posted: 22 Dec 2007 17:41

Take this one one over to!!

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