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In Tressel We Trust 
# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 15:51

"The most prolific QB of the modern era is from Michigan - if you were Pryor, would you rather be the next Tom Brady or the next Craig Krenzel?"

The most prolific quarterback in this era is Peyton Manning. The quarterback surrounded by the best system and players in this era is Tom Brady.

# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 15:55

The most prolific quarterback in this era is Peyton Manning.

Brady has had different RBs and WRs throughout his career - he has been the constant on offense. And he has 3 rings (+1 in 2 months). And he has 2 SB MVPs. And he is about to eclipse Manning's TD record.

Therefore, he is the most prolific QB of his era until further notice.

New Sherriff In Town 
# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 16:05

Nut you have a point and I think it has alot to do with the solid coaching at Ohio State. Their receivers coach must be excellent because most of their recievers run their routs extremely well and they do one thing the Michigan receivers don't and that is catch the ball when it counts. Maningham looked sorry against you guys. He dropped nearly everything that went his way and ran his routes like he really didn't want to be there. Michigan may have won the game if he could catch. Catching critical passes has been a problem for Michigan receivers for some time. Back in the 04 Rosebowl against USC Michigan had a sure touchdown on the first drive had Braylon just caught the ball. The following year passes were bouncing off Michigan receivers in the loss to Notre Dame. I think one even bounced off a Michigan receiver for a pick. It landed right in his hands. If there is a new receivers coach I hope he stresses good hands first and running routes properly. I'm still not a believer in Braylon Edwards today. For the balls he catches he drops nearly as many. I welcome the change in receivers coach. It would be nice just to see a gang of sure handed receivers even if they aren't "the best athletes in the country." The best speed and athleticism is worth nothing if you can't catch when the game is on the line.

# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 16:42

Many of Ohio states best kids however, for whatever reason have been three star recruits. Maybe those kids are hungrier or work harder because they have to earn playing time or beat out a righer ranked player - I don't know. I feel that the position coaches and the strengh and conditioning coach (who I feel is hands down the nations best) deserve an incredible amout of credit. We remain somewhat injury free and strong all year and when we do get an injury - there is a young kid ready and properly trained to step in (in most cases).

As for the above question - Brady or Manning. Has to be Brady.

The hardware is all you need to look at. This is the first year Brady has a elite top flight wideout to throw to. In past years you could not name many of his WR's. Do I think he is the best QB I have ever seen - NO. He is however extremly talented and smart and he is playing in a system that you could not design better for somebody. He (like Manning) know the offense better then the coaches. I think Montana, Elway, Marino and Bradshaw (and maybe Farve) were better QB's but to be mentioned amoung them in any order is an honor. Many people keep score by how much bling you collect in your career - if thats the case Brady may trump them all - AND IT KILLS ME TO SAY THAT.

Plus 1 
# Posted: 21 Dec 2007 17:50 Edited by: Plus 1

Without playing a single game...the Michigan/ohio state rivalry is heating up. Since the naming of Rich Rodriguez as Michigan's new Head Coach, the ohio state posters on this board have done nothing but hate on the guy. Post after post of nothing but negativity! have documented your fear here on SackCarr, and have every right to be worried. The hiring of Rich Rodriguez was a huge step up for the Michigan football program and will only make this rivalry a better one.

I think I can speak for all of the UofM fans on this board when I say, "Thanks buckeye fan...your sentiments have clearly indicated that Michigan made the right move when they hired Rich Rodriguez. The way the coaching search progressed, we were feeling pretty low. But have lifted our spirits and we couldn't be more excited about the future of Michigan football!"

Fear,what the heck are you mumbuling about, Fear ? What would OSU have to fear ? Are you nuts ?

I'm glad you guys are going to the "Sread Option". All of the "spread Option offense teams", this season have at least 2 losses and most have 3 or more, and NONE of them made it to the "Big Dance".

Oregon had the best spread option offense this year, but, where are they ?, and how many losses do they have since Dixon went out ?
The spread is the most vulnerable offense there is. The QB goes down, and the team goes with him.

Even the Spreads that did'nt lose there QB like the Gators, for instance. Tebow had 51 TDs, "22 running aand 29 passing" {only 2 of his TD passes were over 10 yds} but even with 51 TDs and a Heisman trophy, the Gators still had 3 losses and no BCS Bowl.

It's only going to get worse next year now that defenses have seen what happened at Oregon, WVa and other spread offense teams.

Defenses will now be like sharks that smell blood in the waters. Send your QB up the middle and he is fair game, the same as a TB, he no longer has the protection he has in the back field, or in the pocket. The refs are not going to penalize LBs that rack up a QB, when he takes off across the line of scrimmage, on every other play. He will become a TARGET, especially now that "Ds" know that if the QB goes down, the Spread is "DONE" and it's, "Game Over".

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