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Sack Lloyd Carr / Other University of Michigan Discussions / Realisticly, you guys are the ones who are idiots
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Author Message
# Posted: 26 Nov 2005 16:00

I don't know B-mac, can you spell? What in the hell is a lookit? And is national such a hard word that you have to abreviate it. Hell you even shorten the word Michigan so maybe you ought to take a spelling course or two.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2005 18:18

Yeah, good retort, *uckman. Ohio is the toilet of the USA and OSU is the drain.
The problem with Carr is that he won't put teams away. He gets up by 2 or 3 TDs and then coasts. Now, running up the score like those classless morons in the SEC and ACC is ridiculous but what's wrong with keeping on the gas until it's too late for the other team to come back? Carr gets a 14 point lead and then keeps it on the ground and loses all creativity and unpredictability. Then, inevitably the other team airs it out, throws a trick ot two in there, gets momentum and is right back in the game. Carr craps his pants and starts worrying about the worst that could happen instead of staying aggressive and putting them away again. I'm so frickin' sick of having a 3rd and 10+ and seeing a WR screen or something stupid like that. A valid point is made, however. Who would replace Carr? Certainly not any of the assistants. I can't think of anyone to do it.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2005 23:38

Well anonymous jack@$$, how does it feel to lose to the toilet of the USA for 4 out of the last five years? Face it, Ann Arbor IS a WHORE and Michigan SUX A$$.

# Posted: 29 Nov 2005 18:10

Lloyd Carr will retire in 3 years with a 1 and 7 record against Ohio Statee
He and his merry buddies have relied on excessive talent long enough.
Play chicken sh-t and get the results

# Posted: 29 Nov 2005 23:06

I don't care to read most of the shit faced remarks that OSU fans put up here thinking that anyone really cares about what they have to say even though they have no evidence of any kind to back up their broad statements.

I have this to say about Carr, a great coach is one who can win the big game, you can play a perfect season and lose the final big game. Guess what everyone remembers from that season? The loss and embarrassment in the final game. Until Lloyd Carr can prove once again that he wins the games that truly count for something, and does so with ease, he will be the laughing stock of big ten football.

# Posted: 5 Jan 2006 14:43

Keep Lloyd!!! How many damn National Championships did Bo win? I rest my case.


# Posted: 5 Jan 2006 16:10

Well anonymous jack@$$, how does it feel to lose to the toilet of the USA for 4 out of the last five years? Face it, Ann Arbor IS a WHORE and Michigan SUX A$$.

OSU fans are the garbage and embarassment of the Big-10. No other fans are so uneducated, crude, and ignorant. Why don't you go find a gun and rob someone of their cellphone, genius?

# Posted: 18 Nov 2006 10:35

hey, what do you call a hot girl on michigan campus?

A: a visitor

# Posted: 18 Nov 2006 12:46

Michigan needs to start buying players like Ohio State, and maybe a few refs( especially the one that threw the late flag to give State their title ). What did State get for buying football players? NCAA put their Womens basketball team on probation. Hmmm, I wonder how much that cost to get the NCAA to turn their heads. PISS ON STATE

Michigan aready is buying players, just have'nt got caught yet, they are sneakier at it than anyone else!

# Posted: 18 Nov 2006 12:51

OSU fans are the garbage and embarassment of the Big-10. No other fans are so uneducated, crude, and ignorant. Why don't you go find a gun and rob someone of their cellphone, genius?

This is the kind of attitude frustration, that comes from losing the last 4 out of 5 to Ohio State. And Michigan woould be garbage experts, and you can't argue with an expert !

Go Bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# Posted: 18 Nov 2006 19:32

look it is plain and simple....lloyd carr cannot win the big games! he does less with more talent than any coach in college football (larry coker not withstanding) and his player development is, thus, lacking. please tell me the last big time player made it to the nfl and immediately made a huge difference? i.e. you cant use brady since he learned behind bledsoe... maybe charles woodson or some lineman that i have forgotten about... every year OSU/TEXAS/USC send 2-5 players to the nfl in the first round! i have been a UM fan all of my life and i came into the season hoping we lost all our games or went undefeated so that lloyd would be fired or we would win it it seems my whole season has been screwed since now we keep lloyd and we finish top 5 (bowl win withstanding)....great thing we can look forward to is that with a top 5 finish we will get great recruits (to sorely underprepare them for the NFL)

# Posted: 4 Sep 2007 07:50

I live in Franklin, TN and have season tix in Ann Arbor. I wouldn't walk across the street to watch Lloyd Carr screw up another game. I am selling my tix at face value only to someone who will sign a waiver that they will not scalp my tix. Contact me at Oh, by the way, Ffire Lloyd Ccarr!! He sucks and he has embarrassed one of the great institutions in this country. I heard him say Sunday that "the team has to get over this disappointment". Can you imagine it's only a "disappointment" to him?? All the hype and Michigan's national championship hopes are gone three hours into the season. Sscrew Lloyd Ccarr!!!

# Posted: 4 Sep 2007 07:52

holy thread resurrection

# Posted: 9 Sep 2007 17:17

thats great about 100 wins and 29 losses. in any other league that would be great. but this is college football & they are U of M. they've got to be in the top 5 in recruiting power dont they? and every year it seems like they end up playing for nothing, or if they do make it to a meaningful bowl they get badly and completely outcoached. Lloyd Carr is a joke. with the talent they have who couldn't go 100 wins and 29 losses? what % of their QBs and WRs go to the NFL? 75%? 90%? yet their offense is never high flying and extremely predictable. And now U of M has arguably the most embarassing loss in college football history followed by another embarassing loss to Oregon and people still defend this bum? hey if you're happy with 1 national title every 10 or 20 years then Lloyd's your man.

# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 16:29 Edited by: DMfromhell

Erm... no one remembers Fielding Yost, who, not only built Michigan Stadium but won most of his games by a higher margin than any other coach in Michigan history, beating OSU 78-0 in one year.

I agree Carr was good at one time, but the guy can't adapt. He's not one for trick plays, he doesn't understand the concept of a spread offense, and he really has no imagination. Nebraska Alamo bowl game aside, Carr has no idea what he's doing anymore.

Look at it, how many bad records does the guy need to break before he's replaced? He's just lost a fourth game, and by the largest margin since 1968, the year before Bo (Elliott was the coach, and BO replaced him). He's well on his way to a fifth straight loss, Notre Dame may suck, but at least it was against good teams, and with Henne CONFIRMED gone, we got this klutz from Texas as starting QB (ok, I'll withhold judgment for now). We're going to lose to OSU, Penn State, Michigan State, probably Wisconsin. Heck, even Northwestern, Minnesota, and Eastern Michigan look imposing now. That'll give us 6-8 losses by the end of the year, the worst record since '68 If he doesn't resign, he'll be fired, plain and simple.

Honestly, Carr's job depends on Henne getting healthy. Otherwise, all defenses have to worry about is Hart. Heck, even with my boy healthy, it'd take Tom Brady to get anything out of this team.

B-Mac: They can spell, but it takes at least two ("OH!""umm... er, oh, IO!"). Hang on stupid, stupid hang on! (Before you morons say anything, I live in Dayton, I know the damn song.) Don't these guys know how to start their own forums and stop harassing us? I'd think they were too busy celebrating that Akron victory. Run out of cars to tip over and torch?

Honestly though, I knew an OSU fan who hung out at a wings place who could call Michigan plays before they hiked the ball. He was right 99% of the time. I'm pretty close myself, but that's just sad. Even the trick plays are predictable, not when they're called but what they're gonna be...

Fock Lion 
# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 18:07

Woody Hayes once told me that you should never punch an opposing player in the face when his throat is open.

Earl Bruce said: Bet on it!

Mo Clarrett said: Pop a cap in it!

Ted Ginn said: You broke my focking leg you idiots! We'll never win this game now!

The Gators said: Chomp! Chomp!

# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 18:47


# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 18:56

You genius osu fans commenting on Michigan Football is like Woody Hayes commenting on manners or Maurice Clarrett commenting on how fun it is to play in the NFL. You humps, go eat your own hairless nuts.

# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 19:39

news flash; member the osu/boy showing his rear end again'; are you a dufus or what. get with the program buddy ;or atleast make sense ; quit blaming us for your girl problems; hey buckeyeckeith atleast the fab 5 made millions; thats more then you can say for osu/wonderboy moe/clarett plus it kind of sounds to me like they were your heros may you rest in peace n go blue

# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 19:42

Clarett, what a moron. They gave him a chance, even though he wasn't that great, even though he hadn't played in years, and he blew it.

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