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Sack Lloyd Carr / Other University of Michigan Discussions / UM MASCOT!?MYTH OR TRUTH?
Author Message
# Posted: 3 Nov 2007 20:11

I've heard rumors that one game a few years ago the wolverines had a mascot and the alumni were so upset he was never seen again. Ive searched the internet to no avail does anyone know anything about this?

# Posted: 3 Nov 2007 20:16


# Posted: 3 Nov 2007 22:05

For one season they had 2 live wolverines that they trotted out on the field in a cage, in 1927. However, Yost put a stop to it as "It was obvious that the Michigan mascots had designs on the Michigan men toting them, and those designs were by no means friendly."

Read more here...

# Posted: 3 Nov 2007 22:39

Great article. When I was a kid I wrote a letter to Don Canham asking why we didn't have a mascot. He was very kind to write me a personal letter explaining the reasons. I have that letter framed in my office to this day.

# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 07:29

Hey Motown74, I've always been curious why they don't have a mascot. Care to tell us why they don't, according to Canham?

Dick Hertzer 
# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 10:36

My guess is it would have to do with liability and cruelety to the cute lil wolves.

# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 11:43

Here is the letter that Don Canham wrote to me:

January 6, 1986

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your nice letter. Glad to hear that we have a lifetime fan in Brooklyn, Michigan!

The reason we do not have a mascot such as the Badgers of Wisconsin is because we don't believe in artificial mascots. The best mascots are the live ones such as the Trojan Horse at Southern California or the Goat at Navy. When you have to dress someone up to parade around doesn't seem to have much meaning to us at Michigan. For instance, the Badger at Wisonsin is a student dressed up and very oftern embarrasses the university with some of the things he does. If we had a live Wolverine that wasn't dangerous (that's the problem, they are too dangerous) we would display it at games. If you ever run into a gentle Wolverine, let me know and Michigan will have a Mascot!

Hope you liked the results of the Fiesta Bowl,

Sincerely yours,

Don Canham
Director of Athletics

I was nine years old when I received this letter. I have it framed and in my office. It is on old Michigan letterhead and I consider it one of my most prized possessions. Hope you enjoyed it.

Varsity O 
# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 13:24

awesome letter mowtown! that's really cool

Carr for President 
# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 14:17

That is pretty cool that the athletic director would take the time to respond to you.

Thanks for sharing...

# Posted: 4 Nov 2007 15:56

True class there with that letter.


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